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What problem are you trying to solve?

We do cybersecurity for documents in motion. Most cybersecurity solutions for documents allow you to keep your documents inside your organization in a secured manner or require you to manage the authorization of who can access which documents outside your organization. This is a big headache. So Shieldox came up with a solution that secures even those documents that are outside your organization and are in motion.

How do you aim to solve this problem?

We encrypt and encapsulate the file and when it continues moving along, we have an artificial intelligence that we designed that extrapolates on the motion of the file and discovers whether the recipient of each file is someone trusted. If yes, we allow him to open it, if not he’s denied access.

Who is your competition?

Actually we don’t have any competition.

How are you different from them?

We define are field as autonomous PDP (Policy Decision Point). A lot of companies do PDP in motion but manually meaning you send someone a document and define who has what permissions on it. When they forward it they’ll call you and say ‘add this guy, add that guy’. We automate the process and automatically decided where authorization should go. This gives us interesting benefits such as backward protection – if I have an employee who loads a bunch of documents onto a USB stick and leaves the company, I am in trouble since my documents are in the hands of someone who is no longer trustworthy. If I have Shieldox, those documents are encrypted and the minute I remove him from the Shieldox directory, he’ll no longer have access to these documents.

What do you think is the greatest concern in the world of Cybersecurity?

The fact that you have no way of controlling information and the way information is spread outside your organization. We take care of documents but the fact is that collaboration is on the rise and will continue to do so. It used to be that you’d send stuff by email and so you’d protect your Exchange server and you’re secured. So you decide ‘OK, I’ll send it with Gmail’ so we block your Gmail. So you send it by Whatsapp or Telegram or Dropbox or Instagram or whatever We’ve reached the point where you can’t secure the live communication anymore.

Do you have any Breaking News you would like to share?

We came out of stealth mode 3 months ago. Were brand new!