Saferide Technologies

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What problem are you trying to solve?

We’re trying to defend autonomous and connected cars from any cyber attacks.

How do you aim to solve this problem?

We have a software that’s built with 3 layers. The first and basic level is the static rules, firewalling, resource management, permission, etc. The second layer is the machine-learning and AI. We build a behavioral profile of the car. Once we establish this profile, we can use it to detect abnormalities. The third layer is the cloud. The fleet manager can do a detailed analysis on what’s going on inside the cars and not only on one car, but the whole fleet. By doing so he can protect all the cars.

Who is your competition?

It used to be Argus but they were bought by Continental so are out of the game. Karamba and a few other similar companies.

How are you different from them?

I think everybody addresses the issue a little differently. Since the market is full of companies that need a solution, there is a place for everybody.

What do you think is the greatest concern in the world of Cybersecurity?

Someone hacking into your autonomous car and you not being aware of it.

Do you have any Breaking News you would like to share?

We were at CES in Las Vegas and it was a big success for us.