Mellanox Technologies

What problem are you trying to solve?

Bringing the best efficiency to the data center based on networking.

How do you aim to solve this problem?

We have a full end-to-end portfolio to do that starting on the server side with NICs, switches, cables and a lot of technology for offloading a lot what happens on the CPU to our NICs and adaptors.

Who is your competition?

On the switch side we compete with Cisco, Arista and Juniper. On the server side we compete with Intel and Broadcom.

How are you different from them?

We are just better more innovative and more efficient. In a nutshell, price performance.

What do you think is the greatest concern in the world of Cybersecurity?

No comment.

Do you have any Breaking News you would like to share?

We’ve announced this product called Bluefield. It is being used to manage flash storage and an intelligent network adapter.