What problem are you trying to solve?

Medical devices are being hacked in hospital networks. We are trying to protect them from ransomware, PHI theft and from unauthorized revision.

How do you aim to solve this problem?

We have a security platform that is a network appliance. It is situated in hospital network and inspects the communication between medical devices and their servers. This allows it to identify each devices beyond just their IP so we know whether it’s an MRI or a patient monitor etc. Once we know this we can leverage it into anomaly detection and prevention.

Who is your competition?

There are a few other companies out there but they focus on specific medical devices, not the whole spectrum.

How are you different from them?

We focus on all medical devices and we do it on a rule-base approach rather than a machine learning approach.

What do you think is the greatest concern in the world of Cybersecurity?

Ransomware- its quite easy to infect computers because people tend to open files they shouldn’t and its very easy to lock your computer and to unlock it you have to pay a lot of money.