What problem are you trying to solve?

Enabling our customers to verify their security posture at any moment in time from an attacker’s perspective to see if their security measures can withstand an attack.

How do you aim to solve this problem?

We are a SAAS platform. We enable our customers to connect to the SAAS platform and launch various attacks on their own IT network.

Who is your competition?

Consulting services that provide penetration testing services.

How are you different from them?

We consume much less resources and are available 24/7. Our deployment is a very simple SAAS-only solution with no need to implement any hardware. Within just a few minutes you can start running an attack which doesn’t cost as much as consulting firms.

What do you think is the greatest concern in the world of Cybersecurity?

Everyday there’s a new concern. Concern of the unknown, the zero days, what will be next that we have no knowledge of now.

Do you have any Breaking News you would like to share?

We just announced our EDR assessment solution. It’s another capability we provide to verify that a specific end point within the organization would withstand ransomware, worms, etc.

Congrats to Cymulate who were just named Gartner’s Cool Vendors 2018 in Application and Data Security showing that they demonstrate innovative market directions

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