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What did international visitors make of Cybertech 2018?

Cybertech TLV 2018 brought over 15000 attendees together from all over the world to explore the latest developments in the cybersecurity market. Most of the companies exhibiting sprung up in the world-renowned Israeli cyber industry, including over 90 startups. Mount Cyber took to the floor to see if we could get a feel for why so many foreign delegations from the government, health, finance and business sectors descended upon Tel Aviv to attend the conference. 

We’d already heard Erel Margalit’s call to set up regional cyber response teams and the spirit of international co-operation was a hot topic at the conference. 

Of the visiting foreign delegates Mount Cyber spoke to there was clearly an excitement about being in Tel Aviv surrounded by the cutting edge technologies on show. Several stated that this was not their first visit and that this trip was prompted by a desire to remain updated on the latest developments. Others had been brought as part of delegations organized by their native countries’ Chambers of Commerce partnerships with Israel. 

When asked to express the cybersecurity concerns that kept them awake at night, the overriding theme was exposure of critical data either as the result of cyber-attack or through user leaks. Recent emphasis on data privacy only went to galvanize their fears. Other delegates were concerned with the constant struggle to pre-empt the hackers’ next moves. Some companies at the conference claimed to specialize in protecting against the unknown unknowns, something which we hope will be akin to counting sheep for our sleepless international visitors.

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